Ajit HabbuPartner Emeritus, Board Member

    Ajit serves as Partner Emeritus and Member of the Board of Managers of SNH Auto Group and SettlementOne. Ajit also services as a Member of the Board of Directors of Tomorrow Energy. During his active tenure with SNH, Ajit guided investment decisions by working to develop and implement investment themes as well as sourcing, developing, negotiating, and executing investment opportunities. In his previous capacities as CFO for several leading corporations, including SNH Capital Partners, Ajit’s areas of focus and expertise included mergers and acquisitions, development of internal financial controls, audits, and investments.

    Before joining SNH, Ajit served as CEO of Emricap LLC, a consulting company assisting entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and private equity groups. In addition, Ajit served as CFO of SmartSynch, Ener1 Group, Recall Corporation, and the Educational Business Unit of IBM. Ajit received his MBA from the University of Chicago, a MS in Systems & Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa and a Bachelors in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.