National Credit Center

National Credit Center (“NCC”) is a data driven company leveraging credit and financial attributes that fuel customer decisions for retail automotive. Founded in 1996, NCC has been providing the automotive industry with comprehensive credit reporting and compliance solutions that enable dealerships to increase sales, drive user engagement and improve operational efficiencies.



SettlementOne is a provider of credit reporting, property valuation, flood certification, title and compliance documents to U.S. banks, mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers and credit unions. The company specializes in providing convenient bundles of these services to streamline the mortgage origination and lending process. SettlementOne offerings include data, valuation and software solutions, with specific products such as LendSecure and AppraiserZone.


Universal Background Screening

Universal Background Screening is an industry-leading provider of employment background screening solutions which includes employment background checks, drug testing, physical exams, and compliance management solutions. Universal’s services help clients enhance workplace security, reduce liability, improve stability, and increase productivity and cost savings in their candidate selection and hiring process.


Tomorrow Energy

Tomorrow Energy is a provider of 100% renewable energy to residential customers in multiple deregulated states, offering exceptional service, innovative technology, and competitive pricing.



ProMax is a leading SaaS provider of marketing services and credit data to automotive retail dealers across the United States. ProMax offers award-winning front-end sales, development and inventory management software, including lead generation, website design, desking, credit reporting, client relationship management, and other compliance solutions.


The Calico Group

The Calico Group is a provider of supply chain management solutions, including complex and cost-efficient products and services across the design & engineering, sourcing & manufacturing, packaging, print & display media, logistics & fulfillment, business services and supply chain management segments.


Type A Studios

Type A Studios is a design agency partnering with entertainment companies, specializing in digital distribution, consumer & trade advertising, key art design, product packaging design, website, production design, and rich media.


Five Nines

Five Nines is a market-leading managed information technology (IT) service provider supporting clients throughout the Midwest. Five Nines provides end-to-end solutions for their clients IT needs, including people support, infrastructure management, cyber security, compliance, and strategic planning.