Case Studies

What Our Partner Companies Say

Since its inception, SNH has worked with founders, entrepreneurs, and executives who sought out an investment partner not just for the next five years, but for 20 years and beyond. Hear what some of our past and current founders and leaders have to say about their experience with SNH Capital.

Universal Background Screening

“SNH is a really unique company in that not only do they keep their word, but they value the opinion of the previous owner. SNH delivered on every promise, and they’ve taken unbelievable care of our management team.”

-Kevin Olson, Former Owner of Universal Background Screening

Auto Group

“SNH instills confidence and offers tremendous value in three key ways. One, a proven model for value creation and growth. Two, resources that understand the approach – and partner with you to execute. And three, a board with SNH Partners that serve as a great resource of knowledge and insight.”

-Robert Granados, Former Chief Executive Officer of Auto Group


“It was really important to my husband and I that our leadership team and our teams we had built in Tulsa continued to be a part of the story even after we sold to SNH. SNH made a promise to us that they would continue to keep them onboard and they’ve done just that.”

-Nancy Roberts, Founder of Trak-1


“Through the relationship with SNH Capital, I would say the most exciting part is a ‘We Support You’ attitude. Truly a team effort to brainstorm and figure out how to succeed as a business and fulfill our commitment to our customers.”

-Tom Hurst, Member, Board of Directors