What our partner companies say

Since its inception, SNH has worked with founders, entrepreneurs, and executives who sought out an investment partner not just for the next five years, but for 20 years and beyond. Hear what some of our past and current founders and leaders have to say about their experience with SNH Capital.

James Bowen Headshot
Five Nines

James Bowen,
Founder & President

"We are thrilled to partner with SNH and their incredible and diverse team of business experts. This gives us access to resources and expertise much sooner than we could have achieved on our own."

Nancy Roberts,
Founder of Trak-1

“It was really important to my husband and I that our leadership team and our teams we had built in Tulsa continued to be a part of the story even after we sold to SNH. SNH made a promise to us that they would continue to keep them onboard and they’ve done just that.”
Steve French Headshot
Stephen French,
Chief Executive Officer
"For over 20 years, SettlementOne has remained a nationally recognized leader providing credit, data verification and valuation solutions nationwide to the mortgage lending industry. I am humbled and thrilled to be a part of this award-winning organization. We share common beliefs and goals in the path to the future through explosive growth, advanced technology, and talent acquisition of some of the brightest minds in the industry, all while providing exceptional quality and service to clients and consumers alike. The relationship between SNH Capital Partners and SettlementOne has created an amazing cultural fit for me and will be the catalyst in the achievement of our goals."
Kevin Olson
Universal Background Screening

Kevin Olson,
Chief Executive Officer & Former Owner of Universal Background Screening

“SNH is a really unique company in that not only do they keep their word, but they value the opinion of the previous owner. SNH delivered on every promise, and they’ve taken unbelievable care of our management team.”