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Founded in 1995, SNH is a US-based, privately-held investment firm that invests in middle-market companies. Our evergreen capital allows us to take a patient, collaborative approach to long term value creation. Our unique method enables us to partner with best-in-class management teams and share our resources with them not just for the next five years, but for 20 years and beyond.

The firm strategy focuses on making investments in companies that it believes has one or more of the following features:

  • Companies with long term proven earnings power and cash flows
  • Best in class management teams
  • A business model which has control of critical success factors
  • Mission critical business solutions

Long-Term Capital

Most private equity firms are bound by their Limited Partnership Agreements to exit their investments and generate returns for investors within a set time frame, usually three to five years. This creates an artificial exit point where the business must be sold to satisfy those agreements, often to another private equity firm.

“Simply put, this means freedom.”

SNH enjoys access to its own source of capital and is committed to a patient, evergreen approach.  Simply put, this means freedom to hold investments for the long term and generate value with a long-dated view. We enjoy flexibility to make rational decisions to benefit the business and our partners in each business. For founders and boards who have partnered with us, this has meant respect for what they built and an ability to amplify their plans through the added resources of our team.

Experience Building Value

Our firm was founded 25 years ago with a strategy which has remained consistent throughout that quarter century and continuing on today. That strategy has been simple: invest in high quality, top-performing businesses and rely on the expertise of the founders of those businesses. As a sign of the quality of the businesses we invest in, our rolled-up performance puts us in the top tier of investment returns worldwide. We attribute our returns to the quality of the businesses we invest in, and in the ability of those the leaders of the companies to continue to lead.


Business Strategy & Transformation

Our team includes an in-house consulting group, called Business Strategy & Transformation, available at the option of executives leading our portfolio companies. Executives may choose to partner with BST upfront or throughout their relationship with SNH. This high-powered team of subject matter experts focuses on helping our companies create significant top-and bottom- line value during their lifetime in the portfolio. The Business Strategy & Transformation team offers access to a playbook proven to work in mid-market companies across a set of functional areas, including sales growth, revenue optimization, operations, strategic procurement, IT, finance, business intelligence, and talent acquisition. Normally only accessible to large cap or public companies, this level of expertise and horsepower can be leveraged on demand by portfolio company leadership to drive results.


Universal Background Screening

“SNH is a really unique company in that not only do they keep their word, but they value the opinion of the previous owner. SNH delivered on every promise, and they’ve taken unbelievable care of our management team.”

-Kevin Olson, Former Owner of Universal Background Screening

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Auto Group

“SNH instills confidence and offers tremendous value in three key ways. One, a proven model for value creation and growth. Two, resources that understand the approach – and partner with you to execute. And three, a board with SNH Partners that serve as a great resource of knowledge and insight.”

-Robert Granados, Former Chief Executive Officer of Auto Group

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“It was really important to my husband and I that our leadership team and our teams we had built in Tulsa continued to be a part of the story even after we sold to SNH. SNH made a promise to us that they would continue to keep them onboard and they’ve done just that.”

-Nancy Roberts, Founder of Trak-1

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SNH’s primary objective is to partner with strong management who have demonstrated exceptional ability in leading and growing their companies. Our model supports business leaders in running their companies according to their expertise, continuing the quality management that has led to the success of the company. SNH brings the tools from a deep bench of strategic talent and a proven track record of successful value creation.

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