About Us

Sackett National Holdings (SNH) is a Las Vegas-based alternative investment company. Since 1996, we have grown to a company with successful investments in venture, growth, private equity, and real estate, delivering positive returns to our investors every year since our inception.

Today, we focus on investments in two platforms. Our Venture + Growth team grows companies from seed capital stage through growth, while the Private Equity team invests in mature companies and allows them to attain their full potential. Our portfolio includes businesses in automotive, employment screening and retail energy.

The SNH fund is a US lower middle-market fund concentrating on investments in technology and technology-enabled solutions. The Fund invests in sectors, themes, and industries supported by our deep domain expertise, gained by making strategic investments over the past 20+ years. Our deep domain experience within particular sectors has created unparalleled results throughout the company’s history.

Throughout both the Venture + Growth and Private Equity platforms, we implement a series of strategies to ensure both the success of the investments and the excellence of the businesses. As we do so, we capture the synergies between the two platforms, allowing our companies to scale and our limited partners to invest in proven, proprietary companies. As our companies have grown, we have re-invested in them and their people, allowing them to use internally generated funds to grow organically and make targeted acquisitions.